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Why Dance?

Even if you have two left feet

We Saraleno Dance Company strives to promote dancing as a way to improve lives and to experience joy and happiness. Our missions are to connect bridges between individuals and groups through respect while having fun.

Our welcoming and supporting environment always create a light and at ease feeling that helps the students whether beginners or intermediate learn effectively with less pressure. 

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, honing your skills, exercise, social interaction, and self expression; our supportive dance family is always ready to help.


Benefits of Dancing:

Healthier body and mind

Increase confidence and posture

Improve life outlook

Express creativity and style

Inspiration and to inspire

Emotional Well Being

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Acquire new skill and hobby

Create connections and friendships

Relaxation from music

Enhance Social Etiquette

Discipline and gracefulness

Coordination and balance


Our Team

Sarah Melville

Sarah was born and raised in England and had a natural love for dance from a young age.  She found a strong connection with Bellydance over two decades ago which grew into teaching and performing around the World. With her love of travel she spent many visits to the Dominican Republic where she studied, learned and fell in love with the dance Bachata.  After transferring with her employment to America in 2011 she decided to give up her job and follow her passion. 

Simply Dance was formed, and Sarah began sharing her knowledge and love of dance. Classes have continued to grow with teaching and performing at various venues including Candela, Inspire Studio, Club Northwest and local schools.  She regularly attends festivals and workshops around the world bringing her the dance experience and knowledge in the styles of Kizomba, Salsa, Cha-Cha, Ballroom, and is deeply connected to her love of Bachata and Bellydance.

Sarah's control of body and mastery of detail in movement is inspiring where she exudes love for dance.  She considers it an honor to be an integral part of peoples lives where she has the pleasure to mentor, build friendships, encourage and support through teaching. 


Nothing to prove, just a simple communication of passion through dance, after all dance keeps the dust of everyday living away from our feet!

Galeno Navarro

Galeno was born in the Philippines. At the age of 17 he moved to America having no interest in dance.  That was until he took on a counseling job in a summer camp requiring him to participate and help the youth perform ballroom dances on stage. Unexpectedly, he found he liked Salsa. The students told him that he can really shake his "hips" and even though he was embarrassed he always remembered that moment.


Five years later, he took employment at the boys rehab facility, encouraging young men to participate in the society.  He rediscovered Salsa at the ballroom venue in Bandon, OR and with

this he knew it was meant to be so he continued to go to Salsa clubs where he soon discovered and

fell in love with Bachata. He built his experience by teaching and performing in Eugene and then in 2017 he moved to Grants Pass with a calling to help grow the dance community. With spending more time at Latin festivals he continues to grow his experience and passion for dance.   

He is a patient, kind and talented dancer and enjoys supporting and seeing people grow and sharing the love of dance. Outside of Dancing Galeno loves to work on new choreography, cook, walk and run in nature, and he thrives on exercising. 


In 2015 Sarah & Galeno met on the dance floor and in 2017 they began teaching dance events together and found they made a good team sharing the same dance passion.  They have a vision with a mission to take dance to a whole new level in Southern Oregon with classes, events, and any way they can to inspire people. 

In 2018, they visited Spain to learn with their top inspirational dance Instructors Ronald Y Alba (World Bachata Champions) and continue to be deeply inspired by them. 


They are blessed to teach all ages and levels and have the joy of teaching at local schools. Continually inspired with watching their students grow and evolve in dance, they make lessons fun and enjoyable with

breaking down the moves to make it easy to follow, giving the students guidance to build confidence.

Together, these two are known as "Saraleno". They have unleashed Bachata fever in Southern Oregon and beyond! Come see why so many people fall in love with this dance.

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