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(Intermediate Classes are subject to instructor's recommendation)

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To reserve your spot please email or text 541-630-4745

All classes are for 1 hour duration unless otherwise detailed. No Partner Required. It is recommended that you rotate partners in class, but it is also your choice if you choose to stay with your designated partner.

We guarantee that will have a FUN time and get a great workout while learning something new to take away with you. Join us to meet new friends and build your social scene.



0-6 months Experience

Basics Fundamentals and Beyond. This level class is geared towards Beginners or those who want to continue in building and enhancing solid basics and strong foundations. Learning FUNdamentals is the key for those who are new to dance or who want to strengthen and build on what you already have. These classes are highly recommended when starting and/or building your repertoire with Saraleno. You will learn footwork, styling, and patterns that we regularly use in our classes. This is a great gateway to understand how we teach and for you to learn our style to grow with us and advance in your learning to dance. 

INTERMEDIATE - Bachata & Salsa

6-12 months Experience

This level class is designed for those who have dance experience or who have moved up from the Intro level. It is catered to those who are ready to intentionally focus on learning to advance in their dance level. Ideally you will have attended many Intro, Shines, workshops or Private Lessons with Saraleno. You will learn various patterns to feel more comfortable in classes or out on the social dance floor and beyond. This class requires Instructors approval before attending.  


3-6 months Experience

This level class is designed for those who have some dance experience or who have moved up from the Intro level. Dance experience is required to feel more at ease in this class. It is an advantage to have strong foundations and to know our footwork and styles learned from the basic classes and/or Private Lessons. The Shines classes are danced individually with no partnering.


DANCE PRACTICE - This is a time for people who have attended the classes to get the opportunity to practice what they have learned. 

ALL LEVEL CLASSES - This class is for all levels, everyone is welcome. Refresh on your moves and/or learn and enhance new ones.  


DANCE PARTIES - These are for all levels and a great opportunity to practice your moves while building confidence, a great way to socialize and meet others who love to dance. We have a wonderful welcoming dance family at Saraleno and we invite you to join us to build your confidence, friendships and dance connections. 

PRIVATE LESSONS - If you are new to dance, then we recommend Private lessons to start or to build in the background of regular classes. This is a great way to customize your dance lessons, to suit your dance goals and work on a level and pace that is right for you, and no partner is required. We have great affordable package prices available to you. Contact us to find out more!! 

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Firehouse Event Rentals

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