Private Lessons

Private Lessons are all about you!

We personalize each lesson to meet your individual needs and goals. This ensures the most thorough rapid learning process to align with your ability and expectations, all while keeping it fun, easy to follow, comfortable and at ease. 

By being flexible to your own pace, ability, and expectations, this ensures an effective learning process. It’s a great way to fast-track beginners to get started or to advance in taking your skill to another level.

For those of you with two left feet we will help you find the right one!! We offer lessons for Individuals, Couples, Groups, Wedding dances and more, we cater to all ages and all levels. We make it affordable with package discounts too. 

Nervous or shy about dancing? No need to worry anymore. This is a great opportunity for those intimidated with group classes. We provide each lesson with a light, warm, welcoming, and friendly environment. 

Choosing a gift of dance for your significant other to enjoy your date night, treat a friend, relative, or someone special is a great way to create priceless memories.

Big Benefits with Private Lessons

Flexibility with your schedule

Customized according to your pace

Accelerated learning

Attention is centered towards you


Please arrive 10 minutes early prior to lesson

24 hour Cancellation : In the event that you need to cancel we require 24 hours advance notice otherwise you may be subject to a cancellation fee. 

No Refund Policy : You assume the responsibility for your purchase and no refunds will be issued


Private Parties

Parties are no time to sit - Its time to join in the dance!!

Whether you are looking to spice up your birthday, reunion, meeting, event or any group activities; this is great way to lighten up the group with excitement and team building.

We provide visits to your specific venue and our beautiful studio can be also utilized according to your preference.

Private group dance lessons are a great advantage to gather your group and get everyone moving, having fun, and give the freedom to choose your perfect setting.

Employee Wellness

"When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors" ~James Sinegal

Benefits of Corporate Wellness:

Create trust 


Cooperation and communication

Active participation through fun and exercise

Increase productivity and optimism

Enhanced team building

Complement cultural awareness

We are able to bring the experiences according to the location you prefer. Our studio at the Firehouse Dance Hall is also available to your convenience.


Whether it's a Salsa or Cha Cha beat to keep everyone off their chairs and start smiling and having fun, we deliver a structure to promote corporate team building, support, and great interaction.