The first time I attended a dance class taught by Sarah and Galeno I was very unsure about it because I had never danced before and didnt know anyone there. They were extremely welcoming and made the entire process of learning fun and enjoyable. I’ve been attending their dance classes/events regularly for three months now and it’s been such a life changer, not only have my dancing skills and confidence gone way up, but my overall attitude has changed for the greater by leaps and my sales production at work has tripled. Whether you’re looking to learn a new dance skill, freshen up on an existing one, meet new people or just plain have a good time, I 1000% recommend taking some Latin dance lessons from them.
~Brett R.
I have just recently started taking classes with these two, and I absolutely love it! They are very patient and encouraging. I feel very blessed to have them in Grants Pass sharing their energy.
~Mari Jane P.
*So* lucky to have Sarah and Galeno here in So Oregon teaching Authentic Bachata! I highly recommend learning from them.
~Amy A.
I've taken a few of their classes and loved it! Ready to go back for more.
~Sarah R.
Belly dancing lessons with Sarah is one of the best things I’ve done for my body this pregnancy. It feels so good to move my hips and belly in that way and I’m sure my growing baby loves it too. Belly dancing has strengthened and stretched the postural, pelvic and abdominal muscles I will need to use soon during labor and birth. I believe belly dance movements have also helped encourage my baby into the correct head-down position. Sarah has been belly dancing for years and her knowledge of the dance is vast. She understands how the pace and rhythm may need to be slowed down for pregnant women and how certain movements can be safely altered. Belly dancing with Sarah is a blast and I highly recommend it to any woman, pregnant or not.
~Jenny B.
I'm so thankful to be a part of Sarah's belly dance classes. Belly dancing has been so awesome for both my physical health and mental well-being! It brings such joy to my life, and it's been the perfect exercise during pregnancy. It's super low impact and many of the movements are very smooth, so I've been able to keep dancing even at 8 months pregnant! All of the hip movements are so good for my pelvis and lower back, and I'm convinced belly dance is the reason I haven't had back pain this pregnancy! It really has been the perfect prenatal workout for me.
~Ariel K.

Thank you so much Sarah Jane and Galeno Navarro for having so much patience!! Learning to dance can be intimidating but you two really take the time to create a comfortable learning environment.

I always leave wanting to learn more and grow! You’re both amazing!

~Kayleen L.

Hey, Just a special shout out to Galeno for his leading Tuesday night. This guy works hard to give every partner the best dance she can have. His dance with Kayleen was top-notch professional-grade beautiful. Kayleen really shined under his musical and caring lead.
~Paul D.