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with Sarah Jane Melville

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Learn the basics & technique to build solid foundations in how to move and flow in your dance, with enhancing the styling of your arms and hips.

Improve your posture, balance, grace, focus & fluidity. The body movements will stretch and strengthen, gaining flexibility and enhancing health and wellness overall. This encourages and inspires women to express and celebrate their beauty & natural femininity, all while building self-confidence and reducing stress. These classes are effective for & self-image and a core platform and foundation to build on for many other dances, to incorporate and utilize the body movements and styling with the fundamentals to have more structure and grounding. All moves are broken down to make it easy to follow. Learn the fundamentals and technique as you immerse yourself into the freedom of dance.

Comfortable clothing is recommended. All levels, ages, from beginners to advanced are welcome.


Embrace your femininity to enhance and advance in your dance.

This is your time to shine and feel more confident on and off the dance floor!

Learn the importance of basic principles and techniques for body control and mastery in movement. Body conditioning will help you with balance and focus to increase dance to another level. Learn some fun ways to embellish your moves with the freedom to create one’s personal style, helping to improve confidence on and off the dance floor.

Hip and body movement can be incorporated into any style of dance. Understanding how to utilize and build more control in our bodies can elevate dance to a new level with the distinctive, sexy style that Latin dance is known for!


Enhance your dance with accentuating your hips, body movement, arm styling and so much more. Build on your confidence, posture, style, and grace.

Join us ready to have fun and feel empowered!

No experience needed. All levels, from beginners to advanced are welcome.

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Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic, it is a beautiful, grounded dance, inspired by the bolero now enjoyed worldwide. The basics are 3 steps and a tap with hip movement on the 4th beat.


All classes start out with a breakdown of the core footwork basics and body movement. The focus is to give you strong foundations to build on, with patterns and styling, and to utilize and enhance your overall dance. In these classes we will learn a variety of Bachata footwork and some fun patterns. We do not partner up in this class, as it is geared towards building footwork while dancing individually. This gives you the opportunity to build on the dance while feeling more confident and ready for dancing with a partner. It will also help you to enhance your musicality and to learn a variety of syncopations, which are steps in between the beats. Options are given for all levels whether you are a beginner or advanced. All levels and ages welcome. Come and join us for some fun!


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